A New Performance by
Bruce Morrison





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Premiere - LONDON, APRIL 2016


(The Chapel Of St Peter ad Vincula)

City Of London photograph by Gary Eason

"...So long as men can breathe or eyes can see

So long lives this, and this gives life to thee..."

Commemorating and celebrating the Quadricentenary of ‘The Man Of The Millennium’, William Shakespeare, performer Bruce Morrison presents the premiere of iShakespeare, a new and thrilling intimate solo Shakespeare Event in words, poetry, song and music, within the walls of one of London’s - and indeed, the world’s - most iconic and ancient buildings.

Written and directed by David Owen-Bell, iShakespeare is an exciting, new, explosive and utterly contemporary One-Man production with Bruce Morrison playing over 40 of Shakespeare’s most famous and memorable characters (men and women); a theatrical experience which weaves from Tragedy to Comedy to History in the blink of an eye, masterfully and beautifully intervowen with songs, laughter, poetry and sonnets. Young or old, Londoner or visitor, Shakespeare aficionado or newcomer – all will discover iShakespeare to be a consummate, moving and powerful solo masterpiece of vocal, visual, physical and musical theatre, by one of the UK’s most versatile and commanding solo perfomers. No other solo Shakespeare production has embraced so much variety, exhilaration, excitement and passion - Kings, Queens, Princes, Lovers, Warriors, Tyrants, Clowns & Rogues.

And nowhere in London could be more inspiring, atmospheric and fascinating for iShakespeare to premiere than within the walls of the Tower of London - the most visited heritage site in the UK. The historic, beautiful and dramatic Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula (St Peter in Chains) is the parish church to HM Tower of London, a ‘Royal Particular’ directly under the jurisdiction of Her Majesty The Queen. Building started on the current site of the Chapel in the early 1500s, but the presence of a religious building predates even the White Tower, built for William the Conqueror in 1078. Often called ‘the saddest spot on the earth’, the Chapel is home to the resting places of Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, Lady Jane Grey and St Thomas More.

iShakespeare is the dramatic culmination of an extraordinary 10 year journey and exploration of Shakespeare’s theatre legacy in a Trilogy of solo productions, performed throughout the UK and around the world, ranging from standing-room only Edinburgh Festival performances amongst the dusty stones of the 16th Century excavations deep below the Royal Mile’s Tron Kirk, to a magical and memorable outdoor presention at the Barbados Holders Arts Festival in the Caribbean moonlight: “The Bard of Avon’s quill has been still almost 400 years…but Bruce Morrison breathed life into his most famous words beneath the shadowy canopy of trees during Holders Season’s SHAKESPEARE : AS YOU LIKE HIM! … weaving a seamless tapestry of emotional expression - whether sorrow, joy, love, apathy, remorse or fear … Morrison captured the moments expertly … he did not simply celebrate Shakespeare - he also gave recognition to youth, gender, love, sex, hurt, pain, light, darkness, death … the audience was enthralled. His was a Tour De Force performance.”

“The supremely energetic Bruce Morrison … has something for everybody ... majestic pathos ... intellectual humour ... thoroughly contemporary ... achingly beautiful ... finely sung songs.  A Tour De Force!”


Bruce Morrison started his career in Shakespeare at London's  Regents Park Shakespeare Company. Since then he has appeared in the West End, Repertory, Television and Film, and - with his own theatre Company, Theatricalities Ltd. -  has travelled throughout the UK and around the globe, writing, directing and performing.

Both he and director David Owen-Bell have returned regularly to their first love - Shakespeare - initially with a Trilogy of solo shows, first presented to full houses at the Edinburgh International Festival (SHAKESPEARE : IN LOVE), the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (SHAKESPEARE’S ROYALTIES) and the City of London Festival (SHAKESPEARE’s VISIONS). An Anniversary celebration of Sir Laurence Olivier, CRY GOD FOR LARRY, also received rave reviews. Following Bruce Morrison's appearance at London's Chelsea Festival, he was asked to perform at the world-famous Holders Barbados Arts Festival, where the Trilogy was adapted into the 2-hour Tour De Force, SHAKESPEARE : AS YOU LIKE HIM, after garnering outstanding reviews in an Edinburgh Festival preview.

Now, to celebrate and commemorate Shakespeare’s 400th Anniversary (1616- 2016), Bruce returns to London to present a new, explosive, contemporary and memorable solo production, iSHAKESPEARE. 

William Shakespeare - Man Of The Millennium - is the greatest dramatist the world has ever known. His plays, poetry and songs encompass and explore the entire kaleidoscope and spectrum of humanity and mankind's emotions: power, history, sex, love, war...

On ONE stage and with ONE actor, David Owen-Bell's script draws all these into an extraordinary dynamic, dramatic and vocally thrilling 'traffic of our stage' with Bruce Morrison, who presents over 40 characters and roles with songs and sonnets in a contemporary, explosive and dynamic performance, guaranteed to appeal - in its physicality, musicality and theatricality - to young or old, to Londoner or visitor, to Shakespeare aficionado or newcomer alike!

No other solo Shakespeare production has embraced so much variety, exhilaration, excitement  and passion - Kings, Queens, Princes, Lovers, Warriors, Tyrants, Clowns & Rogues:

Jaques, Paulina, Sir Hugh Evans, Lorenzo, Beatrice, Justice Shallow, 

Adam, Mistress Quickly, Romeo, Juliet, Orlando, Phebe, Ophelia , Ariel, 

Cleopatra, Desdemona, Henry V, Gertrude, Launce, Lady Macbeth, 

Shylock, Richard III, Macbeth, Othello, Falstaff, King Lear, Oberon, 

Puck, John Of  Gaunt, Hamlet, Ghost, Caliban, Prospero, Feste ...



“A true tour de force...a performance examining all aspects of the human condition as portrayed by the unqualified success... Bruce Morrison holds his audience rapt...this is a must...” 


“Wow! Where do you start with this gripping, intensive yet fun-packed 90 minutes of Shakespeare?…Bruce Morrison goes from character to character with absolute ease: a mere pause, change of stance and facial expression and he is living the new part, be it male or female...When he sang, it was stunning to watch and to listen to...What an extremely talented entertainer he is....Rapturous applause at the end summed up an incredible evening's entertainment.”


“A myriad of ages, emotions, obsessions and passions...a variety of characters from all ages, sexes, human and ethereal showing the joy and pains of life from the pen of the best playwright in the world...a delight to behold ...a visual and audible pleasure.” 


“A multitude of characters burst this peerlessly crafted ‘traffic of the stage’...arrestingly directed by David Owen-Bell...a treat for the ear, eye, mind and soul...superb, inspiring stuff...a Tour De Force of a collaboration...let your passions be stirred!”


“Everything you would expect from a Shakespearean play can be found in this performance...”




“Commemorating the death of Sir Laurence Olivier 20 years ago, Bruce Morrison created the acting life of the great ‘Larry’, performing a multitude of Shakespearean characters with energy and passion, in the style of Sir Laurence. 

His portrayal of Henry V’s 'St Crispin’s Day' speech sent shivers down your spine, and his Macbeth, Shylock and Hamlet were equally compelling. With 120 stage plays and 60 films in the repertoire of Sir Laurence, there is so much to learn about him. Bruce Morrison took you back to the start of his career by playing Larry in his audition at drama school…the evening progressed through his acting life, and highlighted his many memorable performances. 

Bruce Morrison has a commanding stage presence. One moment he is talking to each and every one of you, and then he is dramatically living the character he is performing. Just by adding or removing a jacket - or putting on a crown - he transforms the character and the whole atmosphere in the theatre. By the end of the show, you felt that you were in the presence of the great man himself!”